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Do you feel stuck, blocked, or overwhelmed? And are looking for a more practical holistic spiritual approach to every day health and life challenges and problems?

Do you need to empower and fortify yourself after a major loss, life transition or trauma?

Are you a energy sensitive person or healer who feels overwhelmed or depleted, and you want to get your energy, joy and vitality back?

Has the s#*t hit the fan, and you've tried everything else??

Are you dealing with toxic, heavy, dark or negative energy around you, your home, family, workplace, or pets and don't know how to resolve it?

Do you have an interest in angels, spirit guides and/or power animals and want to know more about them and how they can help you and make your life more happy, healthy and magical?

Do you feel a deeper spiritual calling and a sacred connection to nature, but not sure what to do with it?


As holistic and spiritual people, we are often really good at taking care of other people. In fact, many of us do it for a living! However, at some point, we can forget that we also need to take care of ourselves, work on our stuff, and to continue to grow and share our unique soul’s mission with the world. To really shine, you know you’ve got to take full responsibility for all areas of your life, good, bad, ugly…dark, shadow and light, and that to do so you need powerful tools for self-excavation and self-revelation.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You have had a health crisis, loss or trauma and realize you can’t deal with it on your own, and you’ve tried everything
  • You feel overly sensitive to other people’s energies,  and you often feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and as though something is missing

  • You feel stuck in a toxic environment at work or home, or certain places give you the creeps, and you feel that you’ve either taken on or absorbed some negative energy and don’t know how to release it

  • You feel wonderful while doing your healing or caregiving work, but your personal life or primary relationship is going down in flames and you can’t figure out why

  • You have strong intuition and give great advice to others, but can’t clear your mind or make a decision about what’s best for you in your own life?

  • You feel a calling to shamanism or deeper spiritual healing, and want to strengthen your connection to your spirit guides, angels, power animals, and nature but not sure how to do it or where to start

  • You are a  Reiki practitioner, energy healer or teacher and feel called to work more deeply with sacred tools such as crystals, feathers, drums or rattles



Pisac Sacred Mountain, Peru

From the outside, it looks like you know what you’re doing. But on the inside, you feel like you are stuck or that something significant is missing.

And you may be asking yourself…

“Shouldn’t I be able to fix this? What’s wrong with me??”

Nothing is wrong with you. The truth is, we are not meant to figure everything out on our own. You may have been on a spiritual path or personal growht path for years, and often give clear, sound advice and support to others. So it makes sense that you can also benefit from additional guidance when things become cloudy and unclear, and you want to go deeper.

And as you know, there is no magic bullet or quick fix when it comes to deep, lasting healing and transformation. It takes work, and sometimes we need someone to show us or remind us how to clear the cobwebs, create a safe space for us to do our own deep inner work so that we can be the empowered healers we came here to be.

And, you’ve reached a point where you can no longer wait for the answers to drop out of the sky, no matter how many affirmations you say, or full moon rituals you do…it’s time to take that next step.

Because you know that you are in this for the long haul. You’ve got a lot of light and gifts to share, and that these bumps and blocks on your path are just temporary. They are just more layers to the onion. They are the juicy nuggets of your power waiting to be discovered…

You’re just not sure what to do next. And trust me, I’ve been there.

So, how did you get here?

Everyone’s path is unique, but here are some typical scenarios:

  • You spend your most of your time focused on others. Healing, teaching, taking care of family, working. You have forgotten that all important self-care.

  • You’re confused about what to do to get yourself out of this rut. You’ve read so many books, taken so many classes, and learned so many tools, Googled and scrolled your Facebook wall for hours; you are on information overload.

  • You feel overwhelmed by demanding clients and family members, your space feels cluttered and chaotic, and every major energy shift, global tragedy, or neighbor’s negative attitude makes you feel even more frazzled and unbalanced.

  • Maybe you have been looking to a certain spiritual teacher or healing technique for all of the answers and now it just doesn’t work for you the same way or give you the results you need.

The thing is, you can get your clarity, energy, motivation and strength back.

Imagine feeling the peace of living from a more aware, centered and spiritual place that just makes everything in your life work and flow better. Imagine the relief of knowing you don’t have to do it all by yourself or figure it all out on your own.

Think about how empowered you will feel about having a deeper understanding of yourself, your relationships, your healing work, what trips you up and what makes you soar. Consider what is possible when you let go of perfectionism, overwhelm and stress and have a healthy, sacred space to renew and recharge yourself on a regular basis.

All it takes is having a trusted guide or mentor to help you clear your path and re-ignite your spirit. Someone you can relate to, someone who can make you laugh and cheer you on, guide you through the rough patches, and share their wisdom and experience.

You can make your dreams come true while making a difference in the world.

My name is Deana Paqua and I show overwhelmed holistic and spiritually minded, energy sensitive folks, therapists, and holistic practitioners how to restore their personal energy and make their lights shine brightly again. I show you how to bring the magic back into your daily life and your healing work.

I have done it myself. I have redesigned my life from stressed out corporate in an unfulfilling marriage, to living my soul’s purpose with a partner who gets me, and shares my passions and values. Like the Phoenix, I rose from the ashes of a near-death experience seventeen years ago, and have dedicated my life to healing from the soul to the toes, and everything in between. I healed from cancer, an anxiety disorder, shattered femurs, a divorce and climbing the disillusioning corporate ladder. I am fearless when it comes to healing myself and improving my life, including diving deep into the shadow to uncover the light.

Now I live a more sacred, inspired, spiritually-guided, soul-ful life and I can show you how to do the same.

Deana shares part of her healing journey on youtube





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Deana Paqua
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“Deana is a true ally and inspiration. She has lovingly supported me and my children in our quest for health and healing. Best of all, her remarkable wit and gifts of insight about the world make every visit with her an absolute treat!”
- S.D., Ridgefield CT




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